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A picture or an image can speak what a thousand words cannot. Visual storytelling for this very reason is a vital part of marketing. This is where the role of a graphic designer comes in. He or she proposes the visual concepts. A graphic designer can work in myriads of places- advertising agencies, marketing agencies, magazines, are a few examples. A graphic designer creates logos, billboards, posters, and wraps. These can vary and a wide variety might be required based on the nature of the business. A graphic designer’s job has interesting tasks. The job involves identifying photos and typefaces that are suitable for the particular task at hand.  
As a graphic designer, the professional needs to interact with the clients to identify the specific needs. Getting approval from the client on the proposal is the next step. Activities of designing and printing, discussing and briefing the clients about the design style, and time frame for print production are all part of the job. It is not only coming up with the images or logos, but a graphic designer has to develop concepts and layouts to suit the websites or magazines of the client, or even their social media pages. He or she should determine the size and material of the illustration along with selecting the arrangement of the logo or image, and the font style and size of the visual data they design. Again, these are discussed with the client, and final layouts are decided.
To put it simply, you can see the brief list of roles and responsibilities of the graphic designers:
  • Designing web pages, signs, logos, book covers, advertisements, magazine covers, annual reports, and other materials used for communication.
  • Using technology to create the design made by hand. A graphic designer uses Adobe Creative Suite to bring about the illustrations, designs, images, and logos
  • Interacting with the clients in each phase- right from the initial days to understand the requirements, to the phases where the designs are formed, printed, and when the final copy is ready.
  • Selecting the size, layout, style, and readability of the image, and ensuring the same is apt for the needs of the client
  • Providing drafts to the clients, and making improvements in line with their feedback
  • Reviewing the results so that it is in line with the requirements of the client.
Types of Graphic Designers:
Different types of graphic designers are categorized based on the nature of their work. The platform these professionals work on decides the kind of tools and skills they must know. Many sectors and industries need the expertise of graphic designers, and if you are looking to enter this field of graphic designing, here are areas you can explore –
  • Brand identity and logo designers:
Logos bring the brand to the mind, and this is why the right arrangement of colours, designs, and shapes is a must for creating the best logo. They represent the business, and in fact, people are reminded about the business by the logo itself. The graphic designer in this niche specializes in envisioning the logos for new and existing brands. They need to also work on business cards, letterheads, and websites, and in fact, every place where the logo is used by the business.
  • Packaging Designers:
The 3D shapes are often used in this niche. Graphic designers here must create shapes that give information about the product, catch the eye, and convince the shoppers.
  • Mobile and Website Designers:
These graphic designers work in collaboration with the developers to ensure that the graphic design areas function perfectly on the gadgets. They ensure that the functional designs created by web developers are presented beautifully to site and mobile app users. They try to being user-friendliness in the picture.
  • Layout and Print Designers:
These professionals ensure that the printed text and images are relevant. The images and designs they create should be pleasing to the eyes, and easy to read when printed on books and magazines. Choosing the right font and layout is vital here. They focus on making the experience pleasant for the reader.
When you are preparing for your career as a graphic designer, it is essential to weigh your strengths to choose the right niche.
How to create the right profile of a graphic designer:
  • Basic and brief information about your educational qualification
  • Description of relevant skills- creative skills, analytical skills
  • A brief description of technical knowledge, which includes Adobe Creativity Suite expertise to the knowledge of using MS Office
  • Endorsements from your previous employers
  • Link to previous work or website containing your portfolio
  • Explanation of previous relevant experience
  • Additional qualifications and skills, if any
Skills required to be a successful graphic designer:
Here is the list of skills you need to focus on and own if you want to be a successful graphic designer:
  • Thorough knowledge of Adobe Indesign or Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe is considered the best friend of a graphic designer, as he or she spends a huge amount of time on this software.
  • Knowledge of digital design. It is a good idea to know both about UI and UX, as there are job opportunities that are meant for professionals skilled in both. UI is User Interface, and UX is User Experience.
  • Basic and technical typographical skills
  • Ideation skills, which means the formation of concepts, and in fact, this is the skill that any graphic designer requires foremost.
  • Thorough understanding of branding
  • Effective visual communication, verbal communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Familiarity of HTML
  • A bachelor degree in graphic designing, or any relevant degree
When you are into the career of graphic designing, which is highly engaging and demanding, you must develop a habit of learning. Try to learn as much as possible since it is a dynamic field where new things keep on happening every other day, like, new software and tools gain prominence. Hence, you must try to keep on learning every day.
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